No two backyards are the same because no two fences are the same. Every location has its own unique set of features and challenges to overcome during theplanning process. No matter the logistics your custom fence from Rainforest LA will speak to your design and enhance your backyard in ways you never thought imaginable. We employ many different types of architectural designs into each and every fence that we install in Los Angeles. Rainforest LA will be sure to outline the many different type of fence options available to you. We also will outline the many different color patterns you can feel free to incorporate into your design.

Whether you are installing planter boxes for decoration purposes or for actual organic gardening and farming we can help. If you are short on space we can incorporate a raised bed. Raised bed planter boxes are great for areas that have already been paved or for rentals. They reduce the need to weed and having more than one planter box can increase your harvest.

Your planter box will flow freely with the rest of your design. If you opt to have planter boxes, we can incorporate them into your outdoor kitchen. With a little bit of planning you can convert your backyard into a fully functioning farm.

Custom Fences