Rainforest La provides all of Los Angeles with custom swimming pool installation. Not only are we the industry leader of hard-scape and landscape designs but we also specialize in the creating of custom swimming pools that can really give that yard the center piece that’s its been lacking. We create a custom and unique design for all pool installs, this truly gives your yard a one of a kind feel.

Our raised tile work has been showcased on Tv and in magazines. When you couple our intricate tile designs with our own innovative pool lighting systems you can get a relaxing environment for all summer. It doesn’t matter if your looking for a diving pool or a free form pool, Yosi will be able to design a custom solution that can fit not only your budget but your imagination as well. Whether you live in the Hollywood Hills or the coast of Santa Monica, perhaps a negative edge pool is in order to give your house that extra special wow factor.

We don’t make the common mistakes of focusing on aesthetics and not the mechanical aspect of your pool building concept. Hydraulic design and flow rate as well as pump and filter types can make the difference in your pool’s ability to stay clean on a consistent basis.

We always think about safety during the design process. Pools can be a great place to relax, exercise and enjoy the outdoors. However, they can also be a dangerous place for a slip and fall, which is why we guarantee that our surfaces and hard-scape will always be slip resistant.

You can always feel comfortable about Yosi and his Designer Pools LA , his 20 years of experience can always be counted on to deliver the highest quality of service and craftsmanship. Yosi will be working very closely with you from planning to completion to ensure not only the pool is aesthetically pleasing but also, that it enhances the natural elements of your hard-scape landscape design. If you’re thinking about improving your backyard with a swimming pool or custom water feature and you live anywhere in Los Angeles, Orange County or Riverside County, then Rainforest LA is the company to choose for Designer Pools.